Whistle Training For Your Dog

There are many different kinds of training methods you can use to teach your dog the basic commands such as sit, stay and come.  Most dog training commands use either voice commands or hand signal commands to communicate to your dog what it is you want them to do.  But what do your do if you loose sight of them or they of you?  Whistle training is a important skill every dog owner should learn and use.

If you take your dog on a hike in a field or wooded area off leash there often moments when they will run off out of sight.  It may be just to explore the surroundings but it may also be because they found something to chase.  In these cases you can use whistle training that has the main advantage of being able to give the come command to your dog over long distances.

The best way to teach you dog whistle training is by using food or treats.  Over time your dog will learn that they get their favorite snack every time you blow the whistle.  It should be a fun game for them that is positive and end in lots of praise and food.

Start by blowing the whistle and then treat right away.  Do this a number of times.  You can then walk a few steps away from your dog and blow the whistle again.  If they do not come encourage them and treat them as soon as they come to you.  Again do this several times.  Take your time and don’t rush things.  It may take a couple of days for your dog to understand what is expected of them.

Once they get the basic idea the next step is to play hide and seek.  Put your dog in a sit or down stay and hide somewhere in the back yard or house.  Call your dog’s name and blow the the whistle.  Keep blowing until your dog finds you.  Once they do give them a treat.  Again do this a few times.

Now the next time you or on a hike and your dog runs into the bushes you can blow your whistle and they should be able to return to you.  Just remember to bring their favorite treat and a little snack for yourself.