Canada Pooch – Your Ultimate Resource For Quality Dog Clothing

Dog Coats From Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch are one of the top places to shop for a range of fantastic dog clothing and accessories – including beds, sweaters, rainwear, and a whole lot more. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at this company, as well as the extensive range of products they sell. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand why so many people trust and rely on this company whenever they’re in need of quality dog clothing to keep their beloved pet safe and warm in any environment.

Who Are Canada Pooch?

First of all, it’s worth learning more about the company themselves. Although they are based in Toronto, Canada – it’s possible to purchase most of their stock online, and it’s safe to say that their products are of the utmost quality.

With a focus on function and style, you can rest assured that the clothing is all designed to keep your dog warm, comfortable and dry – as well as looking fantastic. Ultimately, whenever you’re taking your beloved pooch out in the elements, you need to ensure they are well protected – and the products provided by this company are second to none.

Impeccable Quality

It’s worth pointing out that the quality produced by this store is truly exceptional, and what’s more, you can expect all of their parkers, vests, and rainwear to be fully water resistant – which means your dog will be thoroughly protected from the wet and cold. Also, the hoodies and sweaters are very warm and give great protection, too – so regardless of what you purchase, you’re going to be delighted with the quality available from this store.

Additionally, it’s nice to know that none of their clothing items are produced with animal products. Instead, they use high-quality faux fur and faux leather, as well as 100% polyester for warmth and insulation from the elements.

Exceptional Accessories

Keep in mind that Canada Pooch aren’t only in the business of selling dog clothing! On the official website, you’ll find a fantastic selection of accessories which range from comfortable and warm dog beds to harnesses and backpack attachments which certainly come in handy when you’re out in the wild with your pet. So regardless of what adventure you’re planning to undertake next, your pet will be able to accompany you on every step of the journey.

Getting The Size Right

Of course, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but this isn’t a problem at all when you’re shopping with Canada Pooch. They offer an extensive sizing range, which means you can purchase their clothing in large sizes suitable for German shepherds, labradors, retrievers, and more. Equally, you can find clothes that suit small to medium-sized dogs such as boxers, poodles, English pointers and similar.


Overall, it’s easy to see why Canada Pooch are regarded as one of the top stores available when it comes to quality pet clothing that won’t let you down. They offer a diverse range of items which cover everything from winter vests, parkers, rainwear and more – so you’ll be sure to find something which perfectly suits your requirements. So if you’re shopping for your beloved pooch and hoping to get something that will keep him warm and looking fantastic – you simply can’t go wrong by shopping at Canada Pooch.

What To Do Before You Go To The Emergency Vet

When your dog or cat becomes sick or hurt, finding a qualified emergency vet is generally your first thought, but understanding how to administer simple first aid for pets could make a huge difference in a moment of crisis. It is important to assure that you have enough supplies at home on in the car as well as reference books and the address and number for a veterinarian, animal shelter and poison control center. As in any emergency situation, having a calm and collected, assertive attitude is crucial, and having a procedure to deal with your dog or cat in the event of an emergency, environmental disaster or family crisis will be worth it if you need to make on the spot choices.

Of course, a generously supplied first aid kit is essential to any family, and a lot of your everyday supplies can be used to treat sickness or abrasions for your dog or cat. Topical solutions which prevent infection like hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment and sterile saline solution can be placed on wounds on your pets the same as on humans. Keep in mind that pets will try to remove a bandage, so knowing how to correctly affix them is crucial and requires many clean cotton strips, gauze and surgical adhesive tape so keep enough on hand so you can be creative in keeping the bandages in place. Get a digital thermometer in your first aid kit since regular human mercury thermometers frequently will not register high enough to get an accurate reading on an animal. When dealing with intestinal illnesses, have stock of standard treatments that might be endorsed by an emergency vet, such as activated charcoal tablets, laxatives, mineral oil or Milk of Magnesia, but don’t administer them without the instructions of an expert.
Specific pet related things for your first aid kit may involve an eye dropper and pill dispenser so you can give medicine. If you have dogs, include a well fitting muzzle for them, because many dogs when panicked can bite. Hurt cats can be wrapped gently in a thick towel so they are not able to run away and hide or scratch you while you are treating them. It is valuable to have a crate for every one of your pets since it is not safe for all concerned for an injured animal to be loose in the car. If your animal is on certain medications, make sure you have a backup bottle in your first aid kit in the event you do not have access to your regular stock.
Frequently emergency pet care need swift attention and learning basic procedures could be the difference between getting professional treatment in time or not. A significant element to keep in mind is how useful water is in handling a lot of pet related situations. As an example, you can divert the attention of fighting pets by pitching a pot of water on them or showering them with a water hose. If an animal is bleeding, washing the cut with clean water is an initial priority to ascertain the extent of the wound. If a dog or cat seems to be experiencing sun stroke or dehydration, apply cool wet cloths to help them stabilize their temperature.

Why You Need To Consider Buying Pet Insurance

Animal lovers have been buying pet health insurance policies — which works almost like human medical insurance — to help them  defray the cost of the general and emergency veterinary services that may come up. Pet insurance companies offer various kinds of policies that have varying deductibles, conditions and restrictions. Pet owners discover that these insurance policies help them deal with not just emergency animal clinic visits that may involve surgeries, lab testing and prolonged care, however also cover the cost of regular checkups and pet health maintenance.

Individuals that have had to make the tough choices when their pets needed to go to the emergency animal hospital welcome the opportunity to get pet insurance as a necessary safety net against dealing with the possibility of not having enough immediate funds to care for their animal properly. Depending on the type of coverage you choose, you can also have your yearly visits covered, dental services, boarding and grooming. VPI insurance is a popular pet insurance firm and reports to be endorsed by 9 out of 10 veterinarians. Another firm company that is active in this arena is Pets’ Best Insurance, which provides their customers 80% of the payments on every vet bill after the deductible has been satisfied.
When you consider that it can cost between $2000 and $6000 to get standard veterinary care for one pet for a lifetime, it is no hard to see how emergency vet care can accrue costs up to $10,000. One of the causes is because a lot of the procedures used for human treatments, such as transplants, transfusions and radiation therapy, have been adapted to veterinarians to diagnose and care for their patients. Naturally, the cost is the same for an animal or human, so as a result the bills are the same you might expect to pay at your normal physician. As you might expect, they are just as helpful on pets as humans, so many people want to have the choice of giving these procedures for their beloved pets.
The most frequent occurrences covered by insurance policies are longterm hospital stays, prescriptions, emergency care, lab fees and x-rays. Some plans cover treatment for the animal by any veterinarian, so there are no restrictions on their qualifications or enrollment in their program. Thankfully, pet insurance has lesser deductibles than normal medical insurance, usually around fifty dollars, and often there is a one-time annual deduction, so if repeated visits are required, the insurance pays for a large portion of the cost.
For the most part, animal owners who have acquired pet insurance have said that even the less expensive coverage plans have saved them considerable expense on prescriptions, regular care and emergency animal clinic charges. A few companies provide insurance for all the pets in your house, irrespective of age, and others impose limitations regarding the age of the pet and any pre-existing diseases. You may get free quotes online from many pet insurance firms and customize your coverage to meet the needs of your individual situation. Naturally, choosing a more expensive deductible means you only have to make smaller monthly payments, conversely, selecting a cheaper deductible actually reduces the vet fees you will need to pay.

Toronto Animal Hospital

Everyone wants to make sure their pets get the best possible treatment when they get sick or even just for routine shots and exams.  Toronto animal hospitals pride themselves on offering care that goes above and beyond.  There are many vets to choose from so it is important to interview several and select a veterinarian that you are not only comfortable but that your dog likes as well.  And do not just look at the vet but also the entire staff.

One of the most popular way to find a good Toronto animal hospital is to ask friends and family members.  This is one of the best methods for getting unbiased opinions of the services and care you can expect when you visit the.  If none of you friends have pets you can always contact groomers, dog workers or your local pert store.  It is also important to make sure the vet that you chose has the hours and services that are convenient and satisfy your needs.
When you do visit the animal hospital you should ensure that the facilities are clean, the staff are friendly, the fees match your budget, and do they appear well organized.  All Toronto vets will also be members of the Ontario Veterinary College.  This ensures that they are not only qualified but also have the training neccessary to deal with just about any situation.